Thursday, May 06, 2004

The concentration of wealth at AT&T

Title: Dorman: $17.5M Compensation In 2003
Source: Forbes
Date: March 26, 2004

David Dorman is concentrating wealth as fast as he can at AT&T. In 2003 he received $17.5 million:
  • $1.27 million salary
  • $2.6 million bonus
  • $2.8 million stock
  • $5.8 million stock options
  • $3.3 million other compensation
For what? "Slammed by shrinking revenue and profit, the firm expects to ax some 8% of its labor force this year, approximately 4,600 workers."


At 4:26 PM, Blogger Joe said...

02-19-07 (J.D. EX-Mason)

To: Rival CEO’s Partners I. Seidenberg & S. Sigman & T. Donahue
Date: April 19, 2007


Dear [Mason] sirs:

It has been almost two months now since we opened our lines of communication about “IT” with you directly, but we have yet to receive the courtesy of an acknowledgement about our 3 ADR & pre filing & complaint attachment memos. Below is a bit more, in DRAFT (e) WIN FORM:

The alignment schedule rival CEO contract on the block:
[W]ithin a few points of each other.

A. “And so if you found that type of piece of paper [about] … two firms that were supposed to be in competition with one another, that would be a smoking gun piece of evidence.”

“There can be no defense based … [on] efficiency … Reason … does not allow [for any] …extenuation.”


Your rate floor spread partnerships, in connection with everything you do, involves identifiable section 16720 “obligations of any kind” to tinker with the rule book & protocol, rendering all of your contracts:

A) [V]oid and unenforceable” (B&P 16722);
B) [S]ubject to injunction (B&P 16754.5): &
C) [C]ivil actions for damages (B&P, 16750).

16721 (c) reads:

Any violation of any provision of this section is a conspiracy
against trade.

Assuming your compensation packages weren’t so obese & you assuming you never reported a penny over revenue equals cost commands, among a litany of other direct evidence proof, the classes prima facie case might not be taken judicial notice of & you might have been able to seek the sole safe-harbor defense under the plain language of the statutory elements, section 16725 “IT” dicta reads:

It is not unlawful to enter into agreements or form
associations or combinations, the purpose and effect of which is to promote, encourage or increase competition in any trade or industry, or which are in furtherance of trade.

Section 16721.5 (b) “IT” dicta reads:

For purposes of this section, "person" shall include, but not be
limited to, individuals, firms, partnerships, associations,
corporations, and governmental agencies.


Section 16721.6 “IT” dicta reads:

It is the intent of the Legislature that Sections 16721
and 16721.5 be interpreted and applied so as not to conflict with
federal law….


Section 16722 “IT” dicta reads:

Any contract or agreement in violation of this chapter is absolutely void and is not enforceable at law or in equity.


Section 16726 “IT” dicta reads:

Except as provided in this chapter, every trust is unlawful,
against public policy and void.

This supreme “it” harmony quote followed by a pic tells 1K words”:
“Although fragmentary … [IT] … compute[s]….”


WE’ve attached some dated, formerly inside (now public) protocol documents identifying the twin issues involved here, firmly cementing the above & Sugar protocol & a host of other violations.


As you know, there are a host of law masks that have been erected to blur the transparent, two of which are:
A) Material Misrepresentation law (e) contracts -
B) Circumstantial Parallel Pricing Law (e) contracts -

With regard to protocol & universal laws of faithful charge protocol, nothing trumps “IT” when done the right way, by express rules like:
“[Neither legislatures, Executives nor judges] … may … interpret where interpretation is not demanded.”

[P]rotestations [are] usually made in price … cases. Ruinous competition, financial disaster, evils of price cutting and the like appear throughout our history as ostensible justifications for [not doing IT right]….


According to the AP, “Executive pay is emerging as the No. 1 issue….” “Seidenberg received … $20.2 million last year, including $2.1 million in salary, $13.1 million worth of stock awards, and perks worth $734,400, according to a recent Verizon regulatory filing.”

And according to JASON GERTZEN (The Kansas City Star):
Gary Forsee, chairman and chief executive officer of Sprint Nextel Corp., gave up a $414,000 bonus last year as his company struggled with subscriber growth and customer defections.
“Based on the company’s performance last year, he declined to receive a short-term incentive,” said James Fisher, a Sprint spokesman.

Overall, Forsee received compensation valued in 2006 at nearly $14.8 million, according to documents Sprint filed Monday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. About $7.3 million of the $14.8 million package consisted of stock-related awards not linked to Forsee’s performance in 2006.

Tim Donahue, the former top executive of Nextel Communications Inc. who retired last year as Sprint Nextel’s chairman, received compensation valued in 2006 at $19.7 million. His package included a bonus of $2.25 million and severance benefits of $7.6 million.


With regard to ALL OF IT:

Arrive at this final conclusion: (1) the existence of an ascertainable class and (2) a well defined community interest in the questions of law and fact involved affecting the parties to be represented; accordingly, the complaint and each count properly pled will set forth sufficient facts to establish a class action.


You are in actual or constructive possession of our last offer. If you all are not, I suggest you contact all your spread partners so that we can all get on the same page real time. Today’s “lets make a deal” offer adds the following: add 10 X 8 figs, triple it all & add:

A) $414,000,000.00 bonus; &
B) $20.2 million for each of the past 6 years.


FYI, some facts that get us their (by a negligence claim) include:
A) Disconnecting a struggling single mom from contact with her kids & clients, for paying your rig late;

B) Concerted billing for the caller & receiver;

C) Concerted tying of discount cells & cell rigs;

D) Concerted, void year plus anti-cost contract terms; &

E) Calculated felony Penalty clause for early disconnect, e.g.


In the event that you are interested in knowing WHO I MIGHT HAVE & MIGHT inform about “IT”, & learning more about IT, you are welcome to access one of our many e-mail web sites. CHECK UP at YAHOO mail:

NAME: lucretia_eldridge
NUMBER: 1,2,3,4,5,6

IT is a pseudonym & a real name from another set of “interested,” aka, “party=standing” people who, like me, are well connected:

Now, the above obviously doesn’t take into consideration the criminal exposure involved, which any citizen may bring on top of the above in their private A.G. capacity, which involves both jail time & additional money on top of the mandatory every penny owed back times 3, by definition.

Executed: _________________ ___________________________________
 II (GB Cingular)
38% Mason – Knight – Bone – Groomed
C/o O’B


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