Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Only the wealthy get to go to college

Title: As Wealthy Fill Top Colleges, New Efforts to Level the Field
Source: NY Times
Date: April 22, 2004

From the article:
    At prestigious universities around the country, from flagship state colleges to the Ivy League, more and more students from upper-income families are edging out those from the middle class, according to university data... More members of this year's freshman class at the University of Michigan have parents making at least $200,000 a year than have parents making less than the national median of about $53,000, according to a survey of Michigan students. At the most selective private universities across the country, more fathers of freshmen are doctors than are hourly workers, teachers, clergy members, farmers or members of the military — combined.
By definition, half the population makes less than the national median income. Fewer than 5% of wage earners make more than $200,000 per year. So the children of the 5% outnumber the children of half of the population.

It is not just "the poor" who are being denied access to college. Now it is "everyone who is not rich." The article points out: "more and more students from upper-income families are edging out those from the middle class" and "[the number of students] from the middle 50 percent fell sharply."

The article is full of statistics that are all saying the same thing: we are rapidly becoming a nation where only the rich get to go to college. Those concentrating wealth have won.


At 4:33 PM, Blogger Joe said...

04-30-07 (J.D. EX-Mason)

Ed Golding, Dan Smith &Tim Fitzpatrick
Corporate Secretary
Freddie Mac & Sally Mae’s “Pool” Divvies
8200 Jones Branch Drive MS 204
McLean, Virginia 22102

This is a follow up to my first submission (about 2 months ago) concerning our void contract & all of your void emissions of credit contracts, which I have yet to hear back from you about. I was surprised to get a collection call from your partner “Dan” after my first memo about “IT” to you. Below is a gloss over highlighting some additional facts & law, which you failed to disclose, by in house & out house agreement, that is, a combination of acts about account money that isn’t yours to draw on, not unless you have a consent or, for a minor, I you are a legal guardian, which you aren’t (no U.C.C. LIEN games, “WE” are not articles of commerce).

First, let me point out the ALL GRAVY GAAP claimed, which omits the real revenues, shrunk by the 13 month calendar IPO tax evasion thing, e.g.:
[Ed G. & Dan S. who are] Freddie Mac (NYSE:FRE) announced today that it will reduce net income for the first half of 2005 by approximately $220 million, resulting in reported net income for the first half of 2005 of $1.4 billion, compared with $1.6 billion previously reported in the company's August 31, 2005 press release.


No loops & hurdles are allowed to block access to what all are owed & all branch reps know IT, this quick summary seals IT:
"The … amount [is initially] … $1,000,000 [& another] $500,000 [when] … married…." [for example].

A) 5TH Amen taking treason tort action;
B) 14th Amen equal protection treason tort action &
C) Privileges & Immunities clause treason tort action.

The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to ALL Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States.


No preference shall be given by any regulation of [people jacking for money commerce] commerce….


When Sallie Mae was created in 1972 as a quasi-governmental agency, its purpose was to encourage private banks to loan to students who were considered to be a credit risk. It did not make the loans itself. Nor do bankers, they broker your own constructive trust fund cash, from your own

“[C]ourts [legs & DA-AG] may not interpret where interpretation is not demanded.”

“[W]there is no uncertainty or ambiguity on the face of the [constitution] statute the court … [must] apply it according to its plain meaning.”

“When a [supreme article] statute is clear on its face it is … improper to engage in the murky interpretation process.”

April 30, 2007 5:05pm

Nine (Amen) years ago Sallie Mae severed its ties to the government and became a private lender, much like a bank. That transformation has proved lucrative for Sallie Mae, to say the least. Since 1995, the company's stock price has gone up almost 2,000 percent, for block stock busters who do nothing at all & reap huge were they never sowed. (Adam Smith)
Perfect contract infidelity is how. Here is a real life sample:
That [credit emission] can spiral out of control, as it did for Alan Collinge, who explained:

"I graduated with degrees in aerospace engineering in 1999. I borrowed about $45,000 for school. Since that time, my student loan debt has exploded to where currently I owe about $103,000," Collinge explains.


A, B, C below cover just 3 “acts by two or more person” (B & P code section 16720) at issue, without regard to senator’s stock emoluments:

A) E-con O rule horn book = net zero for paper money stock:

"In ... competitive ... price is equal to cost & each [CEO] … knows his [direct] ...cost."

B) E-Cono Lube List:

April 19, 2007 — Tim Fitzpatrick (Student loan companies EXEX) - an $85 billion industry - are facing scrutiny from lawmakers for abusing borrowers' private information, as well as for offering kickbacks such as vacation trips and discounted stock options to university officials to coerce them to prioritize certain companies on the school's preferred lenders lists.


This supreme quote reveals that you all sell nothing, literally:

“… units … of … stock [paper] and [ink]….”

“That [in house] concerted action is of course sufficient to establish the combination or conspiracy, the initial ingredient of a violation of 1 of the Sherman Act.”


Please cut a money order for every penny you double dip plus on, collected from me & my esquire cousins, S. S., M. F. & B. G., & their respective spouses. They all have kids, as do my cousin D. G., whose husband is a firefighter. Also, my amor, P. Coo, has two biological kids, L. & B, respectively, & a step son, D. B. And my neighbor, S. C., has two beautiful children, S & L. All of them need to be well taken care of – the kids are our future, right. So please forward money orders made out to each parent & each child, in their parents name, in the amount of $5,000,000 each.
By all means take your time round tabling about IT. Meanwhile, I shall slowly bring others up to speed on “IT,” prep further negligence complaint fact & law exhibits, & compile the “kit” for my fraternity brothers (EX).


On April 16, 2007, Sallie Mae announced that an investor group led by J.C. Flowers & Co. signed an agreement to purchase Sallie Mae for approximately $25 billion (USD). When the transaction is complete, J.C. Flowers along with private-equity firm Friedman Fleischer & Lowe will own 50.2 percent of Sallie Mae, and Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase each will own 24.9 percent. Sallie Mae will cease to be a publicly traded company.

Tim Fitzpatrick is the current CEO of Sallie Mae. Mr. Fitzpatrick succeded Albert Lord, who is now Chairman of the Board of Sallie Mae. Mr. Lord joined Sallie Mae in 1981, took over as CEO in 1995.

In the past I have not gone about the way in which I exercised my 1st Amendment fully vested birth right to free law speech, press & petition, & was arrested for IT by Gray Davis, multiple times over. My U.C.C. straw guardian, Gray Davis’ agent, P.O. State Trooper Ana Guzman, explained that to me. As a result, I try to restrain my tone, colorful language & passion about “IT” when I do exactly the same first amendment stuff now. First Ame Treason Is one I will follow up on when the time is right, to clean up:


The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services [while on good behavior] a Compensation….


Arrive at this final conclusion: (1) the existence of an ascertainable class and (2) a well defined community interest in the questions of law and fact involved affecting the parties to be represented; accordingly, the complaint and each count properly pled will set forth sufficient facts to establish a class action.


"The United States [UCC] government is a foreign corporation …."

Executed: _________________ [SIG GOES H ERE] BIG MAC
38% Colin’s Seal Mason – Groomed
P.S. CHECK “US” OUT ON MY SPACE (Free Speech, Press, Petition, like Picketing plus) #1-A

P.S. Take your time in round tabling. Until IT ALL ARRIVES (so we can take a vacation) we shall continue tuning the free WIN FORM LAY books, FOR J.C./AA% campus handouts too.
Cc: Proof to gent Murria Parole field Troop drop “black, Hispanic & Asian pricing discrimination by Burd, Dillon & Johnson et al executive conglomerate committees (Bush).


At 4:39 PM, Blogger Joe said...

05-1-07 (J.D. EX-Knight)

Ed Golding, Dan Smith, Al Lord &Tim Fitzpatrick
“Sugar” Schedule/Spread/Point Protocols
Corporate Secretary
Freddie Mac & Sally Mae’s “Pool” Divvies 6000 Commerce Parkway
8200 Jones Branch Drive MS 204Suite A
McLean, Virginia 22102 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
Gentlemen, this is a qui tam submission, a request that you erase all collection numbers you have associated with my name, & an offer of compromise information public memo.

Below WE draft highlight some additional core points, as we have not heard back from you although IT has been about two of your 13 month TAX cycle calendar system.
From 1999 to 2004, just-retired CEO Al Lord -- now the lead investor in a group trying to purchase the Washington Nationals -- received total compensation of $225 million. New CEO Thomas "Tim" Fitzpatrick made $145 million over the same period.
To achieve their obese compensation packages, in sync with rivals, Lord & Fitzpatrick et al chose to disavow the core material term of their contracts with all struggling students, legal interest rate protocol, a life time warranty, which requires all who emit credit (Article 1:10) banned servers to, in isolation:
"In ... competitive ... [rates are] equal to cost [including collections] & each seller knows his own cost."

"[I]nterference [with protocol] ... is unlawful per se."

Mr. Porter, Harvard’s rate protocol pro, explained the MR=MC hammer rule:

Although average cost pricing, or pricing the [service] line as a whole rather than as individual items, may have been sufficient in the growth era, maturity often requires increased capability to measure [broker service] costs on individual [services] … & to price accordingly.

The top executive’s brokering of birth account credit industry’s reality is that in pinning rates the cost of service is not the protocol employed. The following Q & A session previews the prospective deposition about protocol:

Q. It's not a cost plus?
A. No, again. There's no cost plus in our pricing ….


In lieu of legal rate price protocol, all rolled up in one, all top executive rival broker dealers, like Mrrs. Lord & Fitzpatrick, set up a year in advance, for stock busters & their artificial salaries, horizontal rigid rate floor spread agreements to up rig max revenues, which have uniformly been held to have no redeeming virtue.4 IT is a T. Barnett, J. Ashcroft & Texas’ A. Gonzales anointed stock emolument preference – a triad branch cabinet pool perk.
According to one expert, student loan emissions can have lifelong consequences, both good and bad, because for the unwise or the plain unlucky, a student loan can become an inescapable burden. It can almost never be expunged in bankruptcy, and the Supreme Court ruled that even Social Security income can be garnished to pay for defaulted student debt. (Supreme “no preference” clause capers, Article 1:9).


What do you all think about this 14th Amen equal consideration quote about “IT”:
What a fine thing it is to refuse to sell your country!

"The … amount [is initially] … $1,000,000 [& another] $500,000 [when] … married…." [for example].


Lord & Fitzpatrick’s (Sallie Mae) employ kickback solicitations, to tempt University Deans to get in on the double dipping plus students’ pocket broker business.
Slotting, a synonym for concessions or kickbacks, is when a provider agrees with another on two prices for one transaction: an inflated invoice price & the price actually paid. The inflated invoice price, not the real price, is made public, reported, e.g., in S.E.C. filings, IRS back-ups, & to other, public ops & used as an up-rigged price point for sales to other, smaller firms, like all of Big Brother Bush ops.

The difference between the two agreed upon numbers is slid back, off-invoice, by MONEY ORDER (UNTRACEABLE), CHECK, OR CASH, E.G., for the privilege of servicing a BIG ACCOUNT!
[T] he industry...prices were fixed and all forms of concessions and rebates were forbidden. [T]he practice developed on the part of some, but not all, [sellers] ... of giving secret concessions. There were some...who never indulged in that practice, but others, called 'unethical' ... did so to such an extent that ...all...[stuff] sold ...carried secret concessions of some kind.
Doing IT is an expressly waxed practice, & has been so, supremely, for over 70 years. See Sugar. Every penny is owed back times three, nationwide, under the Sherman Tank Act. (Qui Tam).


To keep their mammoth salaries artificially inflated & to split the booty with stock holders, based on forecasted void “penalty fee collections,” Lord & Fitzpatrick, in concert, intentionally endorse, en mass, facially void penalty collections. Here is one factual case:

Ms. Stahl interviewed one graduate, Lynnae Brown, who borrowed $60,000 starting in college in 1985. She has been ill since her sophomore year. She keeps paying to avoid default, but by the time she is finished, she will have paid Sallie Mae executives $262,383.

For inflated salaries, retirement packages & stock busters, the entire program, in & outhouse, is:

[D]escribed as a "good source of [extra, free] revenue"-pursuant to a strategy of "maximizing fee [revenue] income."

By in house script, after multiple requests for the owed “study” regarding both rate setting & penalty dips, Lord & Fitzpatrick roundly balk & pass the buck regarding the duty to “produce IT” on request”:


“The validity of a [charge] clause … requires that the parties to the contract ‘agree therein upon an amount which shall be presumed [if measured] [9 Cal.3d 739] to be the amount of damages sustained by a breach thereof ....’ (Civ. Code, § 1671.)

This amount must represent the result of a reasonable endeavor by the parties to estimate a fair average compensation [for useful time serving] ….
It is abundantly apparent for the reasons which follow that the parties here have made no “reasonable endeavor ... to estimate a fair average compensation for [useful time serving, e.g.,] any loss that [might] be sustained” by the delinquency in the payment of an installment.
[P]rotestations [are] usually made in price … cases. Ruinous competition, financial disaster, evils of price cutting and the like appear throughout our history as ostensible justifications for [not doing IT right]….


When deposed about “IT” all, Mr. Fitzpatrick’s &/or his agents will testify like this coached Q & A session:
Q. When you say 'budget,' what exactly are you talking about?
A. There are certain performance expectations from our parent company, American [Inc] … for our division. My responsibility is to make sure that we achieve those target targeted margin goals for [STOCK PORTFOLIOS]…."

Q. Did I read that correctly?
A. Yes, you did.

Now, about me airing this, it is important to remind all contractors, like yourselves, about the #1-10 Amend pressing rule book:

“Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.”


”The claim and exercise of a constitutional Right cannot be converted into a crime.”


”There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional Rights.”


Al Lord is thinking about building his own private golf course. Not bad for an ex-corporate socialist. The former CEO of Sallie Mae is worth about a quarter of a billion dollars, running a company that Uncle Sam guarantees against any losses while it makes enormous profits in the college student loan business.
In 2003 Mr. Lord told a public audience that "it would be very hard for me to tell you that what I make is not a lot of money."


Al Lord through Tim Fitzpatrick make U.C.C. execute U.C.C. mechanic liens on your ALL CAPITALIZED NAME straw account:

"The … amount [is initially] … $1,000,000 [& another] $500,000 [when] … married…." [for example].
"STRAWMAN" as "A weak or imaginary opposition set up only to be easily confuted; or a person set up to serve as a cover for a usually questionable transaction".
Freddie Mac is Sally Mae – A Pool Pact
The Student Float called Loan Show
Sallie Mae lobbyists have heard this before from Democrats and some Republicans, such as Representative Thomas Petri (R-Wisconsin). They are not worried. Sallie Mae executives own the majority leader in the House of Representatives, John Boehner (R-Indiana). He has been wined and dined with over $200,000 in campaign contributions to his PAC from individuals affiliated with the private student-loan industry in the 2003-2004 election cycle.
Thomas Petri (R-Wisconsin) (The Duke).

In December 2005, Mr. Boehner reassured a group of Sallie Mae types who wanted reassurance that their cushy deals would continue: "Know that I have all of you in my two trusted hands."
John Boehner (R-Indiana) (The Duke)
And what a cushy deal it is. Your George (e) government guarantees returns for these companies on student loans of at least 2.34 percent higher than the rates paid on commercial loans. At least. If the student borrower defaults, you the taxpayer picks up the tab for Sallie Mae and the banks.
If the student falls on very hard times after graduation and has to go bankrupt, federal law says bankruptcy does not affect collection of student loans. Even the powerful credit card industry can't get past bankruptcy to garnish what's left of the graduate's assets. The student lending industry can even get to a debtor's disability insurance payments under social security.
Originally a government-sponsored enterprise like Fannie Mae, Sallie Mae was privatized in 1997 and is now the largest private lender to students. But not remotely private. The you, your TDA is its guarantor. Michael Dannenberg of the New America Foundation told Leslie Stahl:

"It may be called 'private'but it's not private at all. Frankly it's a private bankers socialist-like system. It's not as if this private entity is assuming any risks. No, no, no. The law makes sure that this so-called private entity has … no risk."

It gets worse. Let's say a graduated student defaults. The government pays Sallie Mae executives, by void contract, both the principal and the interest compounded. But the loan is still subject to collection. Guess who owns some of the largest collection agencies--you guessed it, Sallie Mae executives. When its collection agency collects, it gets 25% of the double plus recovery. The profits go to Sallie M. executives.
The corporate lawyers who conceived this self-enriching system get the nation's top prize for shameless perversity.
Ms. Stahl interviewed one graduate, Lynnae Brown, who borrowed $60,000 starting in college in 1985. She has been ill since her sophomore year. She keeps paying to avoid default, but by the time she is finished, she will have paid Sallie Mae executives $262,383.


Direct lending by Uncle Sam is far cheaper. It will cost taxpayers less than 1 cent on the dollar, while Sallie Mae guaranteed loans will cost taxpayers 12 cents on the dollars. Mr. Bush's own budget analysts projected these numbers. Do you know which of your senators have big stock emolument & other wine & dining stakes in Sally Mae plus? Duke Cunningham like homes, cars, private club memberships, wining & dining, vacations plus.

Double yesterdays, & add A. P., K. O., K H, L. E., & Phillip & Christine Anderson & their extended kin to the compromise offer, because they are all in our circle of TRUST. That is our today offer.
Executed: _________________

34% plus : Groomed

NOTES – be low


According to Disciplinary Rule 7-102 of the Model Code of Professional Responsibility, a senator, judge, executive shall not:

(1) Conceal or knowingly fail to disclose that which he is required by law to reveal;
(2) Knowingly use perjured testimony or false evidence;
(3) Participate in the creation or preservation of evidence when he knows or should know that it is false;
(4) Counsel or assist his client in conduct that the lawyer knows to be illegal or fraudulent; and
(5) Knowingly engage in other illegal or conduct contrary to a Disciplinary Rule.

Similarly, the Model Rule counterpart to DR 7-102, Rule 4.1(a), prohibits one from making false statements of material fact or law to a third person. Although "material fact" is not specifically defined in the rules, the comment to Model Rule 4.1 suggests that materiality will depend on the circumstances in which the issue arises. The comment gives as examples the following: (1) "estimates of price or value placed on the subject of a transaction" and (2) " a party's intentions as to an acceptable settlement of a claim . . . ."

Then there is the issue of malpractice – on all guardians’ part.


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