Saturday, June 12, 2004

Impossible-to-believe severance payment

Title: Putnam's Lasser Gets $78 Million Goodbye Kiss
Date: June 10, 2004

From the article:
    The mutual fund trading scandal may have cost Lawrence Lasser his job at Putnam Investments, but he's walking away $78 million richer.

    Putnam's parent company, Marsh & McLennan, announced late Thursday it was paying Lasser $78 million in cash to settle an arbitration dispute, stemming from his ouster from the mutual fund company.
Note that Lasser was fired for playing a role in the gigantic mutual fund trading scandal that has unfolded this year. According to this article, ex-CEO Lasser "was forced out amid a widening trading scandal that cost the company $110 million in penalties. Since October, Putnam has lost $63 billion in assets under management."

It is impossible to believe that a person fired for this reason gets any severance payment at all. $78 million is an astounding amount of money -- enough to hire nearly 2,000 people and pay them $40,000 for a year.

See also this post.


At 7:34 PM, Blogger Mike said...

Thought you would like this. cash

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Joe said...

Gary J. Bon II
To: “Ministers” Neel, Marc Siegle, Kashari & Bernanke
Date: March 24, 2007
Re: Counterfeit ops – Bernanke, Snow, Grasso, & Fed Reserve, Inc.
This key qui tam submission concerns the fact that in your blacked business ops the so-called “right hand” doesn’t know what filth the “left hand” does daily. Again, I haven’t proofed because you’re not worthy.
Below are more core highlights – I am the feds you dips, by definition, which means I can sushi any one in violation, for ME, for money & or for permanent injunctive relieve. And I can do it anywhere, for ME, anytime, for ME, under the qui tam statutes, for ME, sticking like glue to MY TRUST cause, MY Sherman 1-2 combo meal! They are all FELONIES you slow pokes! Just skim IT all the way down - you’ll get the gist of IT.

Time to wake up boys – you are supremely “not immune” from any “felony action” – civil or criminal. Can you read? If so, I suggest you read Article 3 felony –nothing trumps IT, no statute & certainly not the 11th Amen. Want to test drive that one?


You need to know what the real value of hard assets is when one tries to sell them, as opposed to all executive’s artificially inflated price fixed 10K report numbers, which all brokers pump & use to lure people into buying their counterfeit stock.
You should know exactly what the monetary value of the price tag on stock is backed by. IT is not the required gold & silver clause, Article 1:10, & IT is not the price of money set by your senators, which is their Article 1:8 charged duty.

You need to know that the stock exchange did not exist as a money laundering printing machine when our fathers wrote the creed, which all of your D.O.J. & S.E.C. executives are in superior contempt of. The standing order charges the 100 zits in D.C. with the key duty to “regulate” the value of money & “regulate” all nations doing business (Article 1:8), that is, to regulate the men doing commerce by the rules of commerce – by the rule book & nations law referenced in our blue print (Article 1:8).


Do you know how many citizens committed suicide when they lost their nest egg in the great depression, the 1988 crash, Enron, World Com, Earthlink & countless other lootings? I don’t imagine you want to know the darkness you are involved in.
Unnecessary & premature deaths is not an acceptable “cost of doing business” in my book. Sadly, that “cost” is both forecasted & deemed acceptable in your bosses’ book. That is not O.K. with us. Would you like to see those facts, verified cause & effect, plead in my complaint against you, the operators of a private treasury doing business under the false color of article authority? It is 1040 E.Z.

This is a brief clip of an article about what your senators allowed Enron Executives to do:
On the morning of January 25, when former Enron vice-chairman Cliff Baxter was found … in his Mercedes with a … note and a … wound in his head, Avery was home sifting through proxy statements and S.E.C. filings she had kept in storage. For eight years she had consulted on the myriad complex structures that fueled the Enron delusion. "The pattern began very early," … "much earlier than anyone has reported. It started in the gray area of what was acceptable in accounting principles and, in my opinion, later turned into a clear case of fraud."

I suppose your X-CEO, Alan Greenspan, is semi correct when he pointed out that the Rothchilds’ & OPEC operators, which your, not my chief, is deeply involved with, is, as a practical matter, semi immune from the law. That “semi immune” assumption makes a lot of false premises, I think, some needles of which are:

A) Control over the charged prosecutors;
B) Control over the military commandos;
C) Ability to buy others who press IT; &
D) Other unspeakable factors.
Now, consider the probability that one person directly caps those assumptions.
I bought oil (gas), e.g., indirectly from Bush’s OPEC partners, and have done so since I was 16 for over 22 years now. Guess what Einstiens, that quickens me, all alone, with a cause of action to pearl necklace ALL Bushs’ & Ross Perots’ estate.


This Enron article quote is balls on with all Exchanges O-Pecker ops:

Cynthia Harkness, an Enron lawyer, still at the company, described the moment when chief financial officer Andrew Fastow introduced her to a concept of monetization in which future revenue is booked immediately. The lawyer was baffled by the nerve behind Fastow’s logic. She told him, "Andy, it seems to me that if you do a 10-year deal, and suck all the earnings out in one year, you will then have to keep the profit coming through years 4, 5, 6, and all the way to 10, by doing more of these deals.... How are you going to do that if the market changes? Book more deals?" It looked to Harkness like a pyramid scheme, but she knew that the accounting department had signed off on it. She recalled Fastow looking at her and saying, "Yes, you have to keep doing more … deals each year."


Well smart (e), do you know WHO & WHAT exactly backs the price fixed moves & artificial “value” of stock money? Well, it isn’t your 100 D.C. zits - expressly charged with the duty:
To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures -- OR is it?


[I]t shall be the duty of the several … States attorneys, … under the direction of the Attorney General, to institute proceedings in equity to prevent … violations.

These bolts on the word value are instructive:

Utility … is not the measure of exchangeable value, although it is absolutely essential to it."

Whenever, by an exchange, we equate as values our different products, by that very act, we also equate, as human labor, the different kind of labor expended upon them. We are not [ALL] aware of this, nevertheless [they ALL] … do it."


“[A]ll science would be superfluous if the outward appearance and the essence of things directly coincided. “


Pumping toxic hot air about “money,” lying about the laws of words like “value,” “competition,” “supply & demand,” price protocol, revenue equals costs, & flat laundering, e.g., are 6 X-FACTORS that lynch its existence. This legal nail is a brick in the AMX wall:


A government posted under price peg, around which all executives bench mark price (pay is price), is flat illegal because it was not set by correct pricing protocol. The principle law is that:
Fixing minimum prices, like other types of price fixing, is illegal per se. [Under cost equals] … price maintenance was … struck down in Dr. Miles ...

The fact that a state [man] authorizes the [under cost of living] price fixing does not, of course, give immunity to the scheme….

The republic’s interest in enforcing the national policy in favor of pay right competition is conclusive:

"Anti-trust laws in general, & the Sherman Act in particular, are the Magna Carta of free enterprise. They are as critical to the preservation of economic freedom & liberty as the Bill of Rights is to the protection of our fundamental personal freedoms."

I have some really bad news for you boys – all your labor contracts are void. It’s a “contract” for your U.C.C. labor commodities, & it guts liberty to pay under or over anything but exactly what it is worth, determined by simple math.
“Certain things are not for rent. There is no ownership of oil & gases in the land before bodies bring it to the surface by drilling…; nor of stream-ocean-bodies.

You boys do know how to add & divide don’t you? And you know that the MR=MC supreme labor hammer law dictates exactly what the founder of labor law contracts, Adam Smith, wrote:
THE produce of labor constitutes the natural recompense or wages of labor.

It would be an odd rule indeed for a senator (votes) or a man in black robe to associate his name with mutant law that protects the worth of a cow commodity (MEAT) & not that of the creator of all things – units of people power.
Even superficial undertaking requires FIRST reduction of the average day-wage.

Even a superficial undertaking requires a tabbing of all overhead costs to live comfortably. And guess what, the 100 zits in D.C. know very well that $6.75 doesn’t come close to cutting IT, but is a real good number for their & their judges & their backers stock emoluments!


Extra depends on control over labor, [under scales] not labor’s value.

Chief among such contracts is that of personal employment, by which labor and other services are exchanged for money or other forms of property.

If this right be struck down or arbitrarily interfered with, there is a substantial impairment of liberty in the long-established constitutional sense.

[T]he duty to declare and enforce the rule of the supreme law and reject that of an inferior act of legislation which, transcending the Constitution, is of no effect and binding on no one.

IT is all owed pro rata by the staff, based on TIME IN!
This is a brief, related aside fact. One lord-son, Aaron Petersen, expressly told me, aka, he “got out of the law” to rent & exploit others “in the restaurant business” because, “living by the clock is a miserable way to be.” I worked for his daddy at the Petersen Inn & his X-state court judge partner, Royce Lewellyn, who instructed all their staff that NO ROOMS WERE EVER TO BE RENTED to, e.g.:

A) Two Men (because he is a hater);
B) Couples with kids (because they are loud); &
C) People in wheel chairs (they scratch the walls).

Back on track, this rule zaps them:
“The whole of the advantage & disadvantage of different employments of labor… must … be perfectly equal, or…tending to it.”


So you know, WHEN I DO IT, on behalf of ME, I won’t have to waste any time researching any of the paint ball lip & ink your hitters will shoot at me, in seditious opposition, because I already have. Oh yeas, I was trained by the best of the best, on both sides. Barbaric Ivy barristers vicious lit - the best of the best already tried. And they beat me up, hard, teaching me every step of the way. I know plenty of your boys sneaky X-tricks. And I am truly grateful for all they taught me.
I am at the point now where I am truly amused when I get a new scripted excuse for the inexcusable. A-holes like you aren’t like A-hole excuses, you A-holes are like teeth excuses; you have a finite supply for me to pull & shoot back at you, one by one.

There isn’t anything your best punks can drive at me that I haven’t already first hand whipped. That’s one thing I was well groomed to handle – SAVAGE IVY LIT WARS!

1,000,000.00 TRUST CD PLUS

One spike issue is: Who owns “IT” boys? You, in the all caps birth name you gave me? OR me, in the not all caps name my birth parents gave me?
“The ownership of a thing is the right of one or more person to possess & use it to the exclusion of others. In this code, the thing of which there may be ownership is called property.”

Never mind that you cow tipping boys are liable for trespassing, embezzlement & conversion in connection with our TRUST accounts. Right know I’d like to remind you of your duty to ALL:
The first requisite of civilization is … the assurance that a law once made will not be broken in favor of an individual or group of individuals.
[I]t shall be the duty of the several … States attorneys, … under the direction of the Attorney General, to institute proceedings in equity to prevent … violations.

No child left behind, right? We are all the goddesses’ children, right? Chop-Chop chip monks!
“Certain things are not for rent. There is no ownership of oil & gases in the land before bodies bring it to the surface by drilling…; nor of stream-ocean-bodies.

OF that ONE qui tam submission, Ms. Polly Cooper B. & I shall only claim 15%, the lowest end of our OWED! Sometimes we will order you to pay up 25%.
My guess is that Mr. Kashari will catch on much quicker that Mr. Snow, George’s boy! So you know, I am prepared to drag this out for as long as you boys want – I am used to your felony delay tactics in the wake of a duty to act ASAFP, to mitigate your own damages, of course! All my docs are date stamped, remember that!
The sooner you cure IT the healthier ALL “US” will be.
By now I calculate that you can understand WHY I use the tone I use with bad boys like you – your misbehavior is very disturbing. IF you think I am being unreasonable, I would love to have my day in court & let a jury of OUR PEERS (unbiased lawyers & economists) decide that, after comparing the FACTS, not hot air hearsay, concerning our relative acts!
Today's Highlights, May 17, 2005
On this date in 1792, the New York Stock Exchange was organized by a group of brokers meeting at a coffee house. They made their first transactions under a tree on New York City's Wall Street. The area has become the hub of the US financial world, housing the NYSE and AMEX, as well as the offices of many of the country's most powerful brokerage firms.

New York Stock Exchange – NYSE

A corporation, operated by a board of directors, responsible for listing securities, setting policies and supervising the stock exchange and its member activities. The NYSE also oversees the transfer of members' seats on the Exchange, judging whether a potential applicant is qualified to be a specialist.

[W]ith direct evidence "the fact finder is not required to make inferences to establish facts."

“Speech is a weapon of attack, of scorn & ridicule & satire; it is least effective when it tries to pat some politician judge on the back. It is usually as welcome as a bee sting.”

2.25 gigs (TAX FREE) for all I’ve identified – take IT or leave IT. Or perhaps you boys would like to explain your amigos came up with over $200 million bucks to pay off D. Grasso in ‘03, CEO NYSE, 1995-2003. IT is called tracing of your felony Ponzie & Pyramid ops – looting Peter to pay D. Grasso.

Executed on: _________________ _________________________________
Gary. Bonas –
A.G. – All My CD Plus

C: D file – Tom Barnett (TB) & Snow White - Round 21 – Elliot Spitzer!


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