Sunday, April 04, 2004

Time Shaving is another way to concentrate wealth

Title: Altering of Worker Time Cards Spurs Growing Number of Suits
Source: NY Times
Date: April 4, 2004

From the article:
    Drew Pooters said he was stunned by what he found his manager doing in the Toys "R" Us store in Albuquerque. Inside a cramped office, he said, his manager was sitting at a computer and altering workers' time records, secretly deleting hours to cut their paychecks and fatten his store's bottom line.
    Experts on compensation say that the illegal doctoring of hourly employees' time records is far more prevalent than most Americans believe. The practice, commonly called shaving time, is easily done and hard to detect — a simple matter of computer keystrokes — and has spurred a growing number of lawsuits and settlements against a wide range of businesses.
Offending companies listed in the article include: Toys "R" Us, Wal-Mart, Taco Bell, Kinko's, Pep Boys, Family Dollar...

It's not enough to pay rank and file employees minimum wage with zero benefits, while the CEO makes $15 million a year and shareholders receive billions in dividends. Now it is also necessary to cheat employees out of their hours worked, so that wealth can concentrate further.


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